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Hair Removal. The Battle We All Share...

laser hair removal new york From the beginning of time, women (and men) from all over the world and many different cultures have all shared one battle, the battle of our body’s hair growth. There are many methods for the removal of hair out there for us women that choose to fight. Some have been around for thousands of years, some are new to the market, some hurt, and some don’t. On this website we’ll guide you through the jungle of hair removal by presenting an objective view of products and techniques including permanent, laser, brazilian, facial and bikini hair removal methods from New York to Los Angeles. We’ll give advice and get you all geared up for the fight, stay with us. You will win. Read More
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 Hair Growth

Many factors may influence the way hair grows, including: sex, age, hormones, medications, genetic factors and area of the body. Taken together these factors regulate the rate of hair growth, its length, color, density and coarseness. Many clients will often begin to notice the growth of excess or unwanted hair at the onset of puberty, during pregnancy or with the use of certain medications - including hormones, birth control pills and certain blood pressure medicines. Most often genetic predisposition is found to be responsible for the development of excess or unwanted hair growth and it is usually not the result of a correctable medical problem or condition that can be changed by medication or surgery.
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Three types of hairs you might see on your skin: __________________
Vellus: these are tiny colorless hairs with the pet name "peach fuzz." __________________ Intermediate: these are thin hairs, but have some pigmentation. __________________
Terminal: these are deep-rooted coarse hairs, the ones we all hate. __________________

All hairs also have a three-stage growth cycle:
 Anagen: active growing phase __________________ Catagen: a brief transitional phase __________________
Telogen: dormant phase until shed and replaced by a new anagen hair